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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chaz considers penis attachment surgery

Chaz Bono is considering travelling to Eastern Europe for surgery that will complete his female to male sex change.

Cher's son (formerly daughter) wants to change his clitoris into a penis, and according to the 42-year-old, the best doctor for the job lives in Serbia's capital, Belgrade!

Chaz, who was born 'Chastity Bono', has already undergone three gender reassignment surgeries in the last three years – including a hysterectomy and the removal of his breasts.

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant revealed his 'probable' plans on the Howard Stern show, and even provided a detailed explanation of what the procedure would entail, should he choose to go ahead:

"They take you clitories and basically, kind of, use certain ligaments and stuff—make it a little bigger, release it, wire it so you can take a graft from your cheek…and they lengthen your urethra through it so you can urinate, and they put in testicular implants.

"You know, it'll be small, but you're going to be able to urinate through it…You'll be able to pee standing up…For me, the ultimate would be able to penetrate and have feeling."

One of the risks of the surgery is that the patient can lose all sexual feeling in their genitals, as Howard Stern mentioned on his show.

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