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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Noel Gallager slams Katie Holmes

The former Oasis star gave Katie Holmes a beating on his blog over the weekend, after meeting the 'top Scientologist' on the David Letterman show.

According Noel, Katie (who was on the show to promote her film Jack and Jill) was in a less than friendly mood backstage, even requesting that she not be filmed for his website.

"We literally bumped into that top Scientologist Katie Holmes on the way into the studio," blogged Noel, "…and BANG, there she was," he wrote.

"Now at this point my mate, and friend of the stars, Scully was doing a bit of filming for my website and managed to capture the moment.

"[Holmes] looked a bit miffed at the various North-West accents and some vigorous handshaking.

"There was no need to send one of her people over to demand the video be deleted!!!! Unf---in'-believable."

But Noel, who's known for his stormy temper, refused to let Katie "spoil the day," saying he enjoyed meeting her co-star, Adam Sandler and fellow guest on the show, Steve Martin.

If a few minutes together causes this kind of response, we sure hope Katie and Noel never meet again! Could be dangerous…

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